Healing Affirmation Candle

Healing Affirmation Candle

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In search of a unique way to heal your mind, body, and soul? This specially formulated candle is handmade with all-natural hemp seed and sage oil, and it has been proven to help your body relax and heal.

Made with natural hemp seed and sage, this candle is perfect for anyone looking to heal both physically and emotionally. The relaxing scent will help you to clear your mind and focus on the positive, while the affirmation printed on the jar ("I am healing") will serve as a gentle reminder to keep thinking positive thoughts.

Scent Profile: Crushed hemp seed, white sage, sun-warmed lavender and woodland moss balanced by notes of tonka bean and sandalwood.

key notes: white sage, hemp seed, lavender

size: 15.3 oz

burn time: 56 hours

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