I Am Candle - White
I Am Candle - White
I Am Candle - White
I Am Candle - White
I Am Candle - White

I Am Candle - White

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Affirm your greatness every with the Candleosophy 'I Am' Collection - now available in two luxurious scents!



I am powerful. I am confident. I am perfect. I am enough.

I am grateful. I am gifted. I am strong. I am amazing.

I am inspired. I am brilliant. I am invincible. I am joyful.

I am vibrant. I am successful. I am expansive. I am unique.

I am resourceful. I am worthy. I am resilient.

I am supported. I am blessed. I am loved.

I am courageous I am empowered. I am me.

I am determined. I am brave. I am valuable.

I am smart. I am ambitious. I am capable. I am evolving.

I am healthy. I am creative. I am peaceful. I am precious.

I am divine. I am generous. I am thankful. I am faithful.

I am bold. I am talented. I am happy. I am wise. I am love.

key notes: bourbon, vanilla bean, birch wood 

size: 15.3 oz

burn time: 56 hours

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