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***Use Coupon Code CANDLE15 for 15% OFF***
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Candleosophy Meditation Candles Are the Perfect Gift!

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Candleosophy meditation candles are the perfect gift for men and women alike!  Our beautiful aromatherapy candles are made with essential oils to help to create an atmosphere that will stimulate your senses and elevate a positive mood.

The healing properties of these candles are immense and can help to eliminate stress, improve concentration and bring a sense of peace. 

Candleosophy candles are designed to re-awaken your mind, body and spirit. They make meditation easy - just follow the instructions on the enclosed card and you can incorporate an easy 3 minute meditation practice into your life. 

 Each of our beautiful meditation candles has a different focus and theme: 

Order now and get free shipping on all orders over $40.  Each candles comes in a beautiful packaging with an aromatherapy candle and meditation practice card.