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3 Reasons Why Candles Can Help You with Your Meditation Practice

3 Reasons Why Candles Can Help You with Your Meditation Practice

Meditation has been used throughout the centuries to help people clear their minds and increase their ability to focus. However, many people report that they have a hard time turning off their thoughts while meditating.  This is a common problem.  
Research supports that many people report their meditations are far more successful when they meditate using candle gazing.  This type of meditation has been around for hundreds of years and includes visually focusing on a candle flame while meditating -  in some circles this is called trataka.
People who use candle gazing for meditation report that they can clear their mind much faster when they are visually focusing on an object - such as a candle.  
Additionally, when scented candles are burned for the meditation, they also get the benefit of delighting their smelling senses with the aroma from the burning candle.  This is called aromatherapy and is also proven to invoke a deeper sense of calm.
Candle gazing can offer additional benefits too.  It can open up your third eye (pineal gland), it can improve focus and concentration. People of all ages and stress levels can immediately feel the benefits of candle meditations. Students can also use this before studying to improve their concentration.