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***Use Coupon Code CANDLE15 for 15% OFF***
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Got Three Minutes? Reduce Stress and Improve Focus with Meditation

Meditation is not easy for most people as the mind wanders easily.  With our Candleosophy Meditation Candles you are focusing on the flame, so it is much easier to reach a meditative state.  

When we use our Candleosophy candles for meditation, we start by dimming the lights, placing the candle on a table and lighting it.  We sit on a comfortable chair or on the floor about 18" from the candle and gaze at the flame, filing our minds with it’s image.  

We slowly breathe in and out resisting the temptation of distracting thoughts while concentrating on the flame and repeating our favorite mantra. (We will discuss mantras in a separate blog.)   

As we start the meditation, we begin to feel calmness, concentration and peace.  While we concentrate on the flame, our brains do not receive new information to process, since the nerves of our eyes are what sends signals to the brain.

This three minute meditation technique is a quick and powerful way to improve your mental stability and focus.  You may want to give it a try next time you are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed.  It has the power to give help you feel more focused, relaxed and put you in a very peaceful state.  Namaste

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